The SOMO devices are a great tool for embodying a specific feeling or mood in our movement. It can happen naturally/subconsciously without any explicit directions on how to move. It can help a person hear the musical phrasing through the simultaneous stop and go of the sound and movement.  This can help some people who have a hard time understanding phrasing or hearing it.

There’s a whole world of possibilities with the SOMO device. Not only does it inspire creative movement, you can be creative with the SOMO itself. It’s a great tool to enhance any kind of creative activity. It can be used to make organic dance, or organic music through dance, help people embody different feelings/emotions by changing different sounds.

Kids would absolutely love it! It can be used to play freeze dance, to help children become more aware of their body movements.  Sometimes they don’t think they’re moving…SOMO can prove them wrong.

EvaEducator, dancer and workshop participantToronto