I witnessed firsthand how the SOMO workshop and SOMO device can be incredible tools for helping people to come out of their shell, feel more self-confidence, express themselves, and make music without any training in music whatsoever. I saw the eyes of the Reena clients light up when they had a chance to use the device – we noticed clients smiling, who normally did not smile! I observed a surge of creativity, spontaneity, and general good vibes all around as clients played with the device, created body movements and collaborated with each other. Each person was thrilled to have a turn to choose their favourite electronic sound, and lead the group in some body movements that could be copied. I would highly recommend this device and workshop to anyone who works in a team, or who leads groups of adults, children or people with special needs! It truly facilitates experiential or ‘inquiry’ learning, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration and teamwork – in a fun hands-on way!

I’m not a dancer but being able to make sound with your movement turns anyone into a dancer. Hearing a cello swell with the move of your arm is nothing short of magical.

Tegan M.StudentYork University

It makes Improv a whole new experience.

Holleigh C.Dance StudentYork University

It was incredibly cool to hear the music and my friends who were making the music. I’m stoked I was able to try it out! THANK YOU. I’m usually very nervous to improvise, but this was an amazing experience for me.

Aitana G.Dance StudentYork University

The most unique improvisational experience ever. Love these EWAG improv Soirées!!

Nicole R.Dance StudentYork University

I loved the idea of becoming the music. It gave every dancer a unique look and personality, shaping the space beautifully.

Holly B.Dance StudentYork University

This was a great experience. I loved being able to make music while dancing. Thank you! I hope there is another event soon.

Meghan V.Dance StudentYork University

I love the way you don’t necessarily have to move the body part by itself (referring to body part wearing SOMO); that you can just bring it through space without it being the main moving part. Loved having it in my hair!

Sophie G.Dance StudentYork University

I always wondered what dance and movement would be like if we could create movement that evoked music instead of the other way around. It is beautiful to be fully in control. Our organic movements compose the music. Breathtaking for both dancer and viewers.

Rachel B.Dance StudentYork University

Thank you for sharing SOMO with us again, at our annual Improv Soirée.  We feel so blessed to work with such a magical instrument.  It is truly a beautiful thing, allowing students from all disciplines to get out of their shell and experience the magic of movement.  Your work is amazing and we York students will always be down to jam with SOMO!

York U Dance Students' Association

SOMO is one of the best things that I learned this year and the reason is because I feel the relax in me that I never get during school hours.  The music takes me to a whole new world where the happiness never vanishes.  Personally, I would love to do this again.  Can’t wait to get one of these for my self, and I hope every one appreciates SOMO in some way in their life.

Shobiththa, grade 9 studentScarborough

The SOMO devices are a great tool for embodying a specific feeling or mood in our movement. It can happen naturally/subconsciously without any explicit directions on how to move. It can help a person hear the musical phrasing through the simultaneous stop and go of the sound and movement.  This can help some people who have a hard time understanding phrasing or hearing it.

There’s a whole world of possibilities with the SOMO device. Not only does it inspire creative movement, you can be creative with the SOMO itself. It’s a great tool to enhance any kind of creative activity. It can be used to make organic dance, or organic music through dance, help people embody different feelings/emotions by changing different sounds.

Kids would absolutely love it! It can be used to play freeze dance, to help children become more aware of their body movements.  Sometimes they don’t think they’re moving…SOMO can prove them wrong.

EvaEducator, dancer and workshop participantToronto

As a health care professional and a personally closed, private person, letting go is not easy for me.  The SOMO workshop relaxed my mind’s inhibitions and made me come out of my shell, similar to how I feel after drinking glass of wine on a Friday evening.

MichelleWorkshop participantToronto

The experience is liberating as well as encouraging creativity.  Using music as the medium I was inspired by the interaction among participants.

CeciliaWorkshop participantToronto

Thank YOU for leading such a great workshop!  The girls really enjoyed working with the technology and it truly enriched their experience in the unit.

Amy H.Teacher, Branksome HallBranksome HallToronto