Our Team

loretta-faveriLoretta Faveri is the founder of Sonicwear, designers of the SOMO device and co-designer of the SOMO SOund & MOvement Workshop. Her former life as a professional belly dancer and her studies in art, design and wearable electronics at OCAD University led to the development of SOMO. She says, “Giving people of all ages the ability to control sound through movement is my dream. We strive to improve on what we have already accomplished.”



Denise Mireau has been collaborating with Loretta Faveri since the concept for SOMO began back in 2011 with an OCADU project called Beyond Cage and Cunningham.  She has an impressive career as a movement/dance instructor and has a keen sense of how SOMO can be used effectively as an education tool.  She is the co-designer and lead facilitator of the SOMO SOund & MOvement Workshop.



Anson Kao is a self-proclaimed music and technology geek, which is wonderful for us because he’s been designing our new “plug and play” software interface.  His background in music and web development are a perfect fit for the team.




Kyle_Duffield_1_1_300Kyle Duffield, is an awesome integrated media artist and an integral part of our team.  He is responsible for building our software platform in Max/MSP and Ableton Live as well as sound design.




Leif Bloomquist, is a prolific electronic musician based in Toronto, Canada. He has been experimenting with technology and music since the days of the Commodore 64. Classically trained in clarinet and percussion, he now composes using sequencing software while incorporating wearable technology and open-source hardware, crossing over into performance art. When not working on experimental music, Leif is a senior engineer at MDA, an aerospace company best known for their work on the Canadarm. He holds a degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo.


event_143970242Eric Boyd is our electrical engineer and SOMO circuit board designer. He’s also a super talented wearable technologist, organizer of the Maker Festival Toronto and founder of Hacklab Toronto. He’s a very busy guy and we are so glad he’s on our team.